Would you take my hand Come closer
Pass Covent Garden’s bars King Street is not so far
And mix some margaritas Lie kissing on the grass
Then put some pop songs on
The tiger teeth are gone                                                                                                                 

Your lips and eyes are the same as
Whyte and Mackay mixed with Canadian ginger ale
Your smile is rarer than a Rascalize in a local cd store
I know that you recall

Vespertine ecstasy
Tennis court fantasies
While you’re stuck on my neck
Raptor is recollected
How could we sleep at night
With ship accidents all time
And intersected thighs
Cause foreheads to collide

Your kiss could melt all the icebergs
In the Atlantic Ocean in 1912
Your glimpse could hypnotise the unhyptnotisables
I love the sight
Of these shiny emeralds

And when you love me its like a ray of light
That goes its way beyond space and time
Just like the colour of the morning
That puts everything in order
And makes you forget about all the tragedies
At least that is what it seems to me
Colour of the morning


The time has finally come
Oh we’ve been waiting for so long It has been real fun
But now everybody’s gone
All those weeks anticipating
Making Hype proving the law
A name does say it all

Sunday is far the worst day
When the mood and sky are grey
The absence is now present
I long for yesterday
With no farewell
You were then leaving for a better place
And left me to my fate

But yet we had a really good time
While the mist and fuzz came just by
And the best had yet to arrive
Oh you changed the dread into a perfect night

From the drunken monkey to the KFC
Suddenly lethargy

As the world has led me down
I just don’t mind because you are always there for me
Kneeing on the ground
Holding my hand oh I tried to look into your face

Oceanic trench trapped me in shadows and in tears
There’s no way out you only have to wait until its near


Your fingers are bleeding Your lips are still sneering
Where have you been to? What were you’re looking for?
Other excitement
Has swashed to your head
To live Little Adventures
You know why we’re here

To make

Memories for our league of legends
Yes man that’s disagio
Let’s get hype and put some paisley on the wall
You’re so hype you’re spitting glitter all’over’
Askania Hall
Who’s not enthralled?

Those people are watching
Suspiciously staring
Don’t answer their questions
Just follow my steps and stride
Towards the Jaguar

Our hearts are still beating
Like woodpeckers dreaming
Of swizzle and mint to make

You’re so Hype
Lets get Hype
Believe the Hype
I want to get Hype


So here you are
You finally got
The thing you want
The life that many people
Are dreaming of is equal
To what you’re living now

But something is diverting
The old story is too absurd not to be told

All the trippers smile
Listening listening
Drunk with sound to Hype and Technicolor eyes
Is that the only thing you’re thinking about?
Say your last good bye
Travelling travelling
Jumping to the skies
And ceilings tucked in wine
Should be the only thing you’re thinking about

Think positive
You cannot miss
The only thing you miss
The harder you are trying
The deeper you’re subsiding
Remembering to forget

Cause something is diverting
Something in your mind
Is stuck like tongues on ice

Everybody cries
Listening listening
Standing in the light with technicolor eyes
Is that the only thing you’re thinking about?
Say your last goodbye travelling traveling
Clap your hands in time
Cause this is our night
Our night



Catalyse the clock still waiting for
Palm trees and concessions
Can’t remember what’s your name again
Overdose of words make me insane

I want to go
Maybe you know which way we ought to go
Why won’t you show?
Run so fast trough the mud

Dance with us you crazy love machine
I know you know what I mean
You make up the perfect team
Hot and cold the archduke of Wien
Give me some Russian gold stop stalking us
Why don’t you chill down?

What a perfect day for a perfect day
In a way
The blue in a bad mood
Played the suited backing tune
And the macaroni looped around his love
You could clearly guess her only thought
She wants to go

Musiche di Plastic Light Factory Testi di Moritz Meyns